As a longstanding and valued client, the University of Phoenix continues to pioneer financial literacy in higher education, especially as April marks the 21st anniversary of National Financial Literacy Month. With a deep understanding of the evolving economic landscape, the university is committed to empowering students to navigate their financial journey successfully.

Central to the University of Phoenix’s commitment to financial literacy is the iGrad® online money-management tool, providing comprehensive resources for budgeting, saving, and understanding student loans. Alongside its scholarship search tool, iGrad® equips students with the knowledge and tools necessary for financial wellness.

The University of Phoenix offers initiatives like the Transfer Student Scholarship, showcasing its dedication to easing financial barriers for students. Through the Savings Explorer™ tool, prospective students can leverage transfer credits and prior learning assessments to chart a personalized and financially viable educational path.

In essence, the University of Phoenix stands as a beacon of empowerment, illuminating pathways to educational attainment and financial well-being. As our longest-standing client, their commitment to pushing the bounds of financial literacy sets a standard for higher education institutions worldwide.

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